Beckenham Drain Surveys

If you would like a CCTV drain survey for residential or commercial property in Beckenham then look no further.

Call us on 0203 151 4846

Drain Services Direct are a checkatrade approved drainage company, offering CCTV drain inspections, pre-purchase surveys & solutions to all your drainage issues and problems.

Prices for a CCTV drain survey start from ONLY £100 + VAT.

Why would you need a drain survey?

  • You are buying a new home.
  • You are building an extension.
  • Problems with rat infestation.
  • You have surface flooding.
  • Persistent drain problems.
  • Your property has or is suspected of having subsidence.

What if I don't need the full report?

We do offer a "quick look" drain survey, where the engineer will show you the footage and highlight any issues as he does the survey. This is cheaper and quicker for those who do not require the footage or a full written report, however will not be adequate for insurance purposes.

Three simple steps to get a CCTV drain survey...

1. Give us a call or email to schedule your survey.

Our fully trained staff can give you expert advice, arrange a mutually convenient time and a firm estimate for the cost of your CCTV drain survey and inspection.

Give us a call on 0203 151 4846, Once you contact us we will arrange the right survey for you and our engineers will arrange a time to visit.

2. We come to your property and complete the CCTV drain survey.

Our experienced engineers will carry out the survey as requested, recording all information using only the latest CCTV drain survey equipment and technology.

3. Comprehensive drains report.

We will provide you with a full technical report showing drain location and drain condition with recommendations and quotations for repairs for any issues arising from your CCTV drain survey.

Pre-purchase drain surveys for home buyers

Drain surveys are one of the most important things to do before buying your new home.

Unfortunately, some homebuyers find out their drains have structural defects once they've moved into their new home and then have to pay lots of money for their drains to be repaired.

A pre-purchase CCTV drain survey can spot any potential problems before they appear, giving the buyer, the opportunity to negotiate with the seller or even pull out of the purchase.

If you are buying a home and unsure on whether you should have your drains checked, we can help.

Give us a call on 0203 151 4846 for free expert guidance and advice on whether you could benefit from a pre-purchase CCTV drain survey.