Guttering – Cleaning and Repair

The guttering system attached your home or commercial premises is essential for the protection of the fabric of the building.  While they usually will function well without attention for a period of time, it is recommended (and sometimes required, by landlords or insurance companies) that gutters should be cleaned and inspected periodically, and repairs and maintenance should be carried out.

The most simple guttering systems consist of little more than the gutter itself which runs under the edge of the roof of the building, and a downspout which funnels the water collected by the gutter to ground level.  If either of these components become blocked or damaged, the runoff from the roof will not be effectively removed.  Water will then find another way down – this may be down the wall of the property, weakening it and causing discolouration; or worse, it may work its way through the brickwork, leading to damp and structural damage.  It really is essential that gutter repairs are made quickly when a problem is detected.

The most common problem with guttering systems is when they become blocked.  This is usually as a result of moss, leaves, or other bio matter falling from the roof and building up in the channel.  A Gutter Cleaning Service can quickly and effectively resolve any blockages in your guttering.  In fact, many householders bring in gutter cleaning companies on a regular basis, to stop problems from building up in the first place.

Gutter Cleaning & Repairs

Drain Services Direct are a company of drainage professionals operating in the southeast of England.  Besides drain repairs and underground surveys, we offer Gutter Cleaning And Repair services to keep your gutters free from obstruction.  While it is possible to clear gutters with a set of ladders and a hand shovel, we recommend our customers not to put themselves at risk in this way when we have all the equipment to do the job in a safe and efficient manner.  Our Gutter And Fascia Cleaning process involves a pole-based inspection and cleaning system which is effective and safe for everyone involved.  Our engineers are fully qualified and competent to provide quotations and carry out any repairs which are found to be necessary.

Commercial Gutter Cleaning

We have access to all the latest equipment, allowing us to offer Gutter Cleaning even on large units and premises.  We can provide documentation of our service if this is required by insurers. 

Domestic Gutter Cleaning

We can provide the gutter cleaning services London householders rely on for the maintenance of their properties.  Your property is most likely your most valuable asset, don’t allow it to come to harm when a simple cleaning and survey procedure could have spotted and remedied any issues.  If you are a landlord, you can likely pre-empt any problems your tenants might experience by having the guttering jetted at regular intervals.  For more information on our Domestic Gutter Cleaning service, or our other drainage and plumbing services, please contact us here.