Blocked Drains in Tunbridge Wells

If you find that your waste water is failing to drain away, you may see it gather in and around your home. This is most likely due to your drains being blocked, and it can be stressful and scary, so it is important to act quickly. If you’re living in the Tunbridge Wells area, we can be of assistance at Drain Services Direct.

We can respond to emergency situations quickly and effectively, as our engineers are on call 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Providing local engineers to residents in Tunbridge Wells, we aim to get someone out to you within two hours of receiving your enquiry.

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It’s likely that a blocked drain can be difficult to deal with, as well as being unpleasant, and at the very least an inconvenience for those Tunbridge Wells residents with busy lives. If you find water seeping into your home, or built up around the exterior walls, it’s time to make that call. We are proud to provide our services whenever you need them.

When we arrive on site, we will assess the situation and work to find the source if the problem. On our initial call-out, we will offer you a quotation for free, without any obligation to go forward with us. We have the equipment and skills to finish whatever remedial work is needed.

We also advise how to prevent your drains from becoming blocked, as the best way to avoid these emergency services is to make sure they are clear of any obstruction, so avoiding disposing of unsuitable items in toilets and sinks, including cleaning wipes or fatty oils. You can also keep the drains clean by employing our drain setting service to avoid the build-up of matter that leads to blockages in your Tunbridge Wells home.

We offer a CCTV drain survey for residents of Tunbridge Wells, rigged as an underground camera system, we can explore your drainage system through this technology and any images will be assessed by the operator at ground level.

After completing the CCTV survey, we can then work to fix any problems that are identified, whether repairing pipes or excavating blockages. Additionally, we can help you to keep blocked gutters clean to avoid any damage to your Tunbridge Wells home.



We offer a COMPLETE range of drain services in Tunbridge Wells at COMPETITIVE prices.

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